Wild FM

Wild FM

Wild has been synonymous with Australian dance music since its inception on the airwaves in the late 90s. Responsible for promoting the music that defined a generation and cementing electronic dance music's popularity in Australia and around the world. 

WILD FM was all about the vibe, the music, and the energy. Every time WILD FM hit the airwaves people would stop and tune in to listen to its many exciting 6 week blocks of FM radio broadcasts on 96.9 and 94.5 in Sydney (now NOVA 969 and FBi 94.5 FM), and 97.3 in Brisbane (now Family FM).

Just as songs like Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ dominated the adult contemporary commercial radio stations, the youth of the day were largely alienated by advertisers, programmers and marketers of the time. But it wasn't only young people who were ignored - Wild appealed directly to an increasingly emerging multicultural society, and a large underground Gay & Lesbian community whom also fell in love with Wild's infectiously happy uplifting anthem music.

Wild changed the culture of dance and popular music across Australia, inspiring a new breed of club goers and music fans nationwide - and the legacy carries on today under the hit selling WILD branded dance parties, curator playlists, and club music CD compilations, selling over 250,000 units at the height of its success.

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