Alex K

Alex's unique flavour has soared across the world from Australia to Europe, and it has certainly opened a few eyes.

Bounce, donk, NRG, depending on your take they’re either different names for the same thing or distinctly different sub-genres of a style of music, but they all have one thing in common, Alex K put them on the map and set the standard which has been imitated, mimicked and celebrated ever since.

Although best known in the for his 6 gold selling Ultimate NRG albums in the UK and his Kickin Hard series in Australia., Alex’s music has been played in many parts of the worlds club scene for years. Alex started his trade as a DJ and producer aged just 16 in his native Australia, but it wasn’t long before his tracks started finding their way to the other side of the world and electrifying dance floors across the world especially in the UK.

As the bounce sound matured into supporting its own scene in clubs across the country, Alex’s tracks formed the bedrock of every mainstream DJ’s set and his mixes soon became a fixture on the All Around The World (AATW) label’s promos, singles and albums alike.

In 2006 Alex released the first of many UK compilations titled 'Ultimate NRG' that showcased his talents as a DJ producer and grand master of the bounce sound in one package. Despite the bounce scene being viewed in the wider industry as a regional phenomena, largely assumed to be confined to the North West of England, Ultimate NRG flew off the shelves across the country with each of the albums going Gold.

Alex has the number one NRG series in the world. His sales for his own albums have exceeded 650,000 units, making Alex K the biggest Aussie hard dance export of his generation. Residing between his home town of Sydney, Australia, & Los Angeles, US, he travels across the globe often, and Alex K’s fan base reaches all four corners of the globe.

He is a respected artist on the global dance scene as a dj, producer and friend to industry folk and artists. His easy to work with attitude and ideas make him versatile to writing for any style or genre, with hit singles in the commercial pop and house scene working under different aliases.

Alex continues to work at an unrelenting pace in the studio, constantly working on new material and remixing for the likes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Cheryl Cole, Inna, Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Snoop Dogg to name but a few. Through all the success in the UK and Australia, Alex is still bringing smash hit albums to the music scene, further reinforcing his fans view that he is the worldwide ‘King of Bounce

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