Deekline is that rare figure in dance music, the seminal producer who has successfully maintained underground cache while making regular raids into the mainstream. The artist who brought you I Don't Smoke, the hyper-dope UK garage-breaks hybrid that broke the British top 20 back in 1999. Deekline has been credited as a forefather of breakstep, and further paving the way for both Dubstep, and Grime scenes in London. Making his mark on the global electronic landscape early on in his career, Deekline has worked with or remixed for the cream of the crop when it comes to electronic dance music, including the likes of DJ Assault, Fast Eddie, Kid Sister, Freq Nasty, DJ Fresh, Wiley, Jack Beats, Fish and Krafty Kuts. Notably, in 2010 his booty anthem The Mexican, written with Healey, signed by German major label Superstar, as well as Ministry of Sound Australia. Again, in 2019 Deekline delivers yet another belter, a re-work of the Mary J Blige classic ‘Be Happy’.

Witnessing this groundbreaking DJ do his thing in the flesh is a rare, genuine must-see experience: a chance to catch a figure right at the apex of the thriving indie-dance scene. This is an artist who's always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest sounds, and generally most comfortable when confronted with a set of turntables and the chance to get his scratch on, usually to the delight of the crowd. A Deekline gig is a maelstrom of heaving bodies, booming low end and spectacular energy behind the decks: if he's in your area, make sure you're ready to represent.

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