Born in 1997 to showcase the sounds of Sydney’s Oxford Street burgeoning NRG and Hard Dance club scene, which exploded not only in Australia but the North of England and Germany, Dinky, has been synonymous with genre for over 20 years. 

One of the label’s early releases Bliss Inc. - Faith (Skitz Faithless Club Mix), a prime example of the raw excitement of the NRG scene of the late nineties, a precursor to releasing internationally acclaimed records from Alex K, Nick Skitz, KCB, Dave Austin, Stevie B, Amen UK, and London Fiesta, to name a few.

With a hiatus from 2007, Central Station Records relaunched the famed Dinky label in 2019, this time headed by the world renowned king of NRG, Alex K. With over 1 million physical album sales to his name, and 5 certified gold awards for his dance albums ‘Ultimate NRG’, the imprint couldn’t be in better hands.

Australian made with Australian talent, Dinky continues to push the sound of NRG to the world with new releases from Rata (‘Freed From Desire’), United DJs, Sydney Beat System, Bassfreakerz, Kenetic, Thomas Knight and more.

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