Ryan Riback‘s ‘All That She Wants‘ raises the hair on the back of the neck on the basis of pure nostalgia alone. We all know the original which was released by the Swedish group Ace Of Base in 1992 and which spent weeks on top of the top of the charts around the world, including #1 in the UK, and #2 in the US. 

As we all know, it can be risky business taking on a stone cold classic but Ryan Riback gives it the perfect 2016 touch and breathes a new life into it with a stellar take on the reggae-pop hit. Riback pays homage to the iconic sounds of the 90’s track by respectively implementing the flutes that everyone knows, and maintaining the integrity of the original vocal. 

Expanding his career with remixes that have brewed hysteria from Melbourne to Majorca, his signature electro sound travels far and wide. His production prowess is obvious. His take on Starley’s ‘Call On Me’ has enjoyed massive success with over 9 million streams on Spotify alone so it is no surprise this track is reaching a global audience!

Re-live and re-love it!