In a tip of the hat to Sneaky Sound System’s 2006 smash ‘Pictures‘ (which made it to #1 on the Australian club charts), Kronic teamed up with the Icelandic goddess Patty Cash to breath some fresh life into the club classic. The pair have managed to elevate the iconic vocal line, drawing it back and laying it over a bed of sultry synth melodies to create an airy atmospheric experience.

Patty Crash joins a long list of big names who have worked with the Australian producer; Lil Jon, Tugs, Chris brown, lady Gaga, pitbull, R Kelly, Austin mahone and j-Lo just to name a few.  Over the past two years she has also worked on Grammy nominated album, ‘How I Got Over The Roots‘, and co-wrote/featured with Travis McCoy on the Gym Class Hereos Album The Quilt.

With a growing list of accolades, and an undeniable knack for writing hits its no surprise to us that they came out of a writing session with the goods!

Have a sneaky listen HERE