Cover Art

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RELEASE DATE: Available Now

Label: Central Station Records

Genre/s: Dance Pop

Format: Album


Disc 1
  1. We Like To Party! (The Vengabus)
  2. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!
  3. Up & Down
  4. We're Going To Ibiza
  5. Parada De Tettas
  6. Superfly Slick Dick
  7. Shalala Lala
  8. Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)
  9. Ho Ho Vengaboys!
  10. Uncle John From Jamaica
  11. Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song)
  12. To Brazil!
  13. Your Place Or Mine?
  14. Forever As One
  15. Rocket To Uranus
Disc 2
  1. Nick Skitz Vengaboys Megamix
  2. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Brooklyn Bounce Boombastic Remix)
  3. We Like To Party (Jason Nevins Club Mix)
  4. Uncle John From Jamaica (M.I.K.E. Remix)
  5. Shalala Lala (Alice Deejay Remix)
  6. Up & Down (Tin Tin Out Remix)
  7. Vengababes From Outer Space (Long Mix)
  8. Cheekah Bow Bow (Xxl Remix)
  9. Rocket To Uranus (Andronik Spacedisco Remix)
  10. We Like To Party (DJ Disco Remix)
  11. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Sunset Brothers Remix)

Get On Board the Vengabus, It’s Time To Go!


Featuring multi-platinum #1 selling hits: Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!, We’re Going To Ibiza, We Like To Party!, Up & Down, Shalala lala, Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine) and many more!

Yes! It’s official; Europe’s #1 party act is landing in Oz this summer and to mark this very special occasion, worldwide megastars The Vengaboys are releasing their must have album, ‘The Best Of Vengaboys – Australian Tour Edition’.

The new album marks a sparkling return to form for the party-centric foursome. Back after a brief hiatus with their tongues firmly in cheek and doing what they do best! This special Australian tour album is loaded with all the hits we know by heart like Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!, We’re Going To Ibiza and We Like To Party! All three singles along with others reached #1 in over 20 countries including; U.K., USA and Australia along with a nomination for MTV’s Best Breakthrough of the Year Award.

The hits keep coming, with party favourites; Shalala lala, Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine), Up & Down and the super silly new single, ‘Rocket To Uranus’ featuring the world’s most notorious (and we think loveable) media personality Perez Hilton. Venga’ fans are also in for a surprise treat, a second disc full of dance remixes of all the Vengaboys biggest hits!

The group are set to turn plenty of heads this summer when they embark on Australia, get your calendar marked with the Vengaboys tour dates below and grab a copy of their must have collectors album; ‘The Best Of Vengaboys – Australian Tour Edition’, available in stores and online December 9.