Tenzin – Behind Blue Eyes

Cover Art

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RELEASE DATE: Available Now
21 Mar 2017

Label: Central Station Records

Format: Single


Tenzin - Behind Blue Eyes

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When Tenzin aka “he guy she told you not to worry about” told us he was reworking the classic “Behind Blue Eyes” by “The Who” (no it’s not a Limp Bizkit original) we didn’t know what to expect. Than he tried to tell us he sang the top line (which we know is a porky pie). One thing we do know is this rendition is spot on and is equally matched by Tenzin’s class in the production of his 2017 redux. Raw Rhodes, analogue synths and bass lines, that will tickle that deep inner eardrum. This tracks rations out that bleeding-heart style energy for festivals and clubs alike. Remix come courtesy of Chumpion, Some Blonde and Boob Monsters.