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RELEASE DATE: Available Now

Label: Central Station Records

Genre/s: Breaks

Format: Compilation


Disc 1
  1. A1 Bassline - Falsehood
  2. Dark Sky - High Rise
  3. (A) Bingo Players Feat. Tony Scott - Devotion [stanton Re-edit]
  4. Stanton Warriors - Devo
  5. (A) Afrojack - Polkadots [oliver Twizt Remix]
  6. Sway - Level Up (Acapella) [fake Blood Mix]
  7. Marten Horger - Oh Girl
  8. Stanton Warriors - Superstar [marten Horger Remix]
  9. (A) Sidney Samson - Do You Like Bass?
  10. Golden Girls - Kinetic
  11. Fugative - Supafly (A1 Bassline Remix)
  12. DJ Icey - Get It
  13. Stanton Warriors - Beef
  14. Machines Don't Care Feat. Meleka - Beat Dun Drop [stanton Warriors Remix]
  15. Stanton Warriors - Mpc
  16. Ruby Goe - Beat Breaking Boy [stanton Warriors Remix]
  17. Stanton Warriors - Bring Me Down [bass Mix]
  18. Stanton Warriors Feat. Hollywood Holt & Jahcoozi - Ouepa Ouepa [freestylerz Remix]
  19. Stanton Warriors - New York [plump DJs Remix]
  20. (A) Stanton Warriors - Move It Around
  21. Stanton Warriors - Twerk That (Acapella) [twerk Mix]
  22. Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some [j-trick Remix]
  23. Plump DJs - Humprock [stanton Warriors Remix]
  24. Stanton Warriors Feat. Them & Us - Cut Me Up
  25. Stanton Warriors Feat. Ruby Goe - Shoot Me Down [kamuki Mix]
  26. Roy Davis Jnr Feat. Peven Everett - Gabrielle [live Garage MIX]

Featuring exclusive Afrojack, Bingo Players, Fake Blood, Plump DJs, Sidney Samon, A1Bassline along with their original productions like ‘Superstar’, ‘Move It Around’ and ‘Shoot Me Down’!

Since bursting onto the global scene with their multi-award winning compilation The Stanton Sessions back in 2001, the inimitable sound of the Stanton Warriors has consistently pushed the boundaries of musical class.

It’s their unique sound that they are bringing to the newest edition of the Sessions Volume 4 – their trademark quality and innovation of their critically-acclaimed remixes and original productions has pushed them to a pinnacle of their profression. The CD features their remixes of Afrojack, Bingo Players, Fake Blood, Plump DJs, Sidney Samson and A1Bassline, along with their original tracks ‘Superstar’, ‘Move It Around’, ‘Shoot Me Down’ and ‘New York’!

For over a decade, their irresistible beats and bass combo has been the soundtrack to the world’s biggest and best parties – Glastonbury to Global Gathering, Summadayze to Snowbombing, along with countless sell-out tours of North America, The Far East, Australia & beyond.
Check out their upcoming Australian tour dates in March!