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RELEASE DATE: Available Now

Label: Central Station Records

Genre/s: Dance

Format: Single

– Sold over 20 million albums worldwide and 15 million digital downloads, and topped charts in over 20 different countries
– Smash hits include their debut, ‘Evacuate from the Dancefloor’ (Platinum in the U.S), ‘Miracle’ and ‘Every Time We Touch’.
– Natalie Horler, the vocalist, is one of the judges on a German singing contest, Pop Idol.

German dance act, Cascada, led by the enthusiastic and gorgeous Natalie Horler, are back with their second single, ‘The Rhythm of the Night’, from their upcoming album, Back On The Dancefloor.

‘The Rhythm of the Night’ is one of their golden pop moments over their 6 year career ? they’ve reached for some early 90s inspiration, covering the Corona classic ‘The Rhythm of the Night’, which was a #1 hit in Europe when it was released.

The film clip involves a house party and a pool-side poser with the most eye-‘popping’ swimming costume:

Remixes come from Ryan T & Rick M, Crew Cardinal as well as the extended and video edit!