Kronic – Sophisticated Ignorance EP

Cover Art

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RELEASE DATE: Available Now

Label: Sup Girl

Genre/s: Hip Hop

Format: Album


Kronic - Sophisticated Ignorance EP
  1. Kronic - Bulimic feat. Patty Crash, Israel Bell & Mike Jerz
  2. Kronic - U Betta Ask (feat. Mike Jerz)
  3. Kronic - The Storm (feat. Israel Bell & Patty Crash)
  4. Kronic - Hurricane Season (feat. Nikki Jean)
  5. Kronic - NRG (feat. Nikki Jean & Conkarah)
  6. Kronic - Intermission
  7. Kronic - Dark Shapes feat. Nikki Jean
  8. Kronic - Blood In The Water feat. Nikki Jean & Israel Bell

It’s a long road from South Australia to Los Angeles. And after an exhilarating twelve months that’s seen Kronic dashing back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, the Adelaide born electronic artist knows that road almost better than most.


Growing up in Adelaide, Kronic was raised to a diverse range of sounds including Dr Dre, Wu Tang and ACDC. As a teenager, he started DJ’ing across Australia, and by his early twenties he had released his first mixed album through iconic label Ministry of Sound. Steadily working on his production and remixing skills, Kronic first cut his teeth on remixes for Joel Fletcher, Havana Brown, and Lady Gaga.


The breakout moment for Kronic as a solo artist came with the unassuming “Hey Ho.” Originally released as a free download, the hip-hop & electronic hybrid took a life of it’s own, garnering over 3 million plays online, scoring the Adelaide artist his first International #1, and an album deal with dance music powerhouse Ultra. Subsequent releases like “Vamonos,” “3 Percent”, “Beast” and  “Bullet Blowz” saw similar success, with the likes of Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Aoki & Hardwell championing his releases.


Moving towards a future hybrid sound mixing electronica and hip-hop, Kronic has teamed up with rising star Raven Felix, the first female rapper signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records, for the heavy hitting “Feel That.” The track premiered on BBC Radio 1Xtra via Diplo’s radio show, and held the #1 spot on the Beatport Hip-Hop charts for five consecutive months, while the LA-filmed video became a fixture on MTV North America and Australia.


Catching the eyes and ears of Grammy award-winning producer Paul Blair, best known as the driving force behind Lady Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory, Kronic signed a deal that allowed him to lend his production talents to many others. As his first order of business, Kronic co-produced “Bend Ova” for Lil Jon and Tyga, and the track became his debut entry on the Billboard Hot 100. With his eyes open to the world of pop-production, Kronic has been keep busying crafting records for Pitbull, Justin Beiber, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown and more.


Despite a constant heavy studio and touring schedule, Kronic has been quietly finishing his debut EP, Sophisticated Ignorance. Combining both his hip-hop and electronic influences, Sophisticated Ignorance is his most ambitious project yet.