Cuban Brothers & Diafrix – So Sweet

Cover Art

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RELEASE DATE: Available Now

Label: Central Station Records

Genre/s: Hip Hop Pop

Format: Single

Coming just ahead of their acclaimed debut album Yo Bonita!, which scored Album of The Week praise from the likes of The Sunday Mirror and Sunday Mail in the UK, The Cuban Brothers are due to release their latest salvo of aural sunshine, the 2013 album version of ‘So Sweet’, featuring soul chanteuse Mica Paris. As a special treat for Australian fans, hip hop duo, Diafrix have re-worked the album version of ‘So Sweet’ into their own infectious track ready for 2014!

The original version of ‘So Sweet’ is an album highlight that has repeatedly been singled out for praise. The track sees the CBs indulge in luscious Philly soul sounds with Cuban Brothers head honcho, Miguel Mantovani and Mica Paris dripping their honeyed vocals throughout. With a huge chorus built around the vocal hook “won’t somebody take me back to the days in the hood, when it was good”, ‘So Sweet’ is unashamedly retro, brimming with nostalgic vibes of partying all night in summers past.

The Diafrix edit of the track sees the pair take over the CBs section & work their own verses into the song, retaining the high energy of the original, while also adding their own brand of charismatic & socially aware hip hop.