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Since 1990, Picco is active in all areas of the music business and has published to date, over 100 singles and remixes .

With his project ” Avancada ” and entitled ” Go!” He made in 1999 for the first time top ten rankings in all major dance charts across Europe and stormed the charts. It was followed by countless remixes for acts such as Taio Cruz, Scooter , Fragma , U96 , Alex Christensen, Master Blaster , Sash! u.v.m. which earned him a gold and platinum record . More publications by artists such as Porter Robinson, DJs From Mars, Marc Van Linden , Sean Finn, Brooklyn Bounce , PH Electro, Jens O / The Real Booty Babes, Rico Bernasconi, Nathalie by Cascada and DJ Falk emerged in the following years.

When booking DJ Picco has played at festivals and clubs in Spain , England, Greece, Estonia , Russia, Austria , Poland, Belgium , Holland, France and Switzerland.

In Ibiza, he awarded the 1999 ” Ibiza Music Award ” . As the founder and chief editor of the music FM radio station ” Fantasy Dance FM 96.7 ” He is in charge and responsible for the broadcast program in the music department . In his show ” No Limit ” he presents live on Mondays three hours before the new single – Relases the week and welcomes the stars of the international dance- scene from Scooter to Ron Van den Beuken for an interview in the studio.

The CD series ” Fantasy Dance Hits ” is twice a year, compiled and published by him .

Since 2002 he is with ” Yawa Recordings” and internationally in the cult labels “Ministry Of Sound” and “Ultra” in England and the USA under contract.
His electro anthem “Back to Hawaii” came in Germany in the Top 20 of the most successful dance tracks of the year 2007. The Follow Up ” Yeke Yeke ” was one of the most played tracks on Ibiza in the summer of 2008 and cracked without exception in all German Dance Charts Top 5 limit. After the official release , the song went to Germany and Österreichde in the single sales charts. Along with the cult band “Brooklyn Bounce ” Picco published as ” Sample Rippers ” the song ” Louder & Prouder ” on more than 100 CD compilations.

In 2009 he founded his own House & Electro Label: “Massive 808 ” . There, he discovered and promoted ” Porter Robinson ” and published his single ” Say my Name ” which was 4 months in the Top 10 on Beatport and Porter breakthrough “world star DJ ” brought . Picco ‘s project “Rock Solid ” managed with “You Know Why ” video rotation on MTV and Viva and was one of the title songs on ” Germany’s Next Top Model” .

Picco ‘s single ” Venga ” is one of his most successful to date releases:
Place 1 and 2 in all dance charts .
Publication in over 20 countries worldwide with video rotation on MTV , Jamba & Viva .
In the music program at over 30 radio stations in Germany alone incl ” 1Live ” .
The video clip for the song was clicked in just 4 weeks over half a million times on YouTube .
” Chuckie ” and ” Porter Robinson ” have it can not be stopped ” Venga ” to ennoble with a remix .
With the ” DJs From Mars” and ” Falk ” from ” Sunshine Live” in 2011 , he published two new singles.

His 2012 released singles “Mi Cafe “, ” La Maquina ” and ” Besame Mucho ” made ​​it into the Top Ten and went back to video rotation at “Viva ” & ” MTV ” .” Taio Cruz ” and ” Scooter” gave this year Picco commissioned remixes to their songs .

In 2013, more singles and co- operations include planned with Kevin Lyttle and Flo Rida and the first album of Picco .